Three Myths About Social Security Disability That Just Aren’t True

What do you know about the Social Security system? For some Americans, it can be a controversial topic. They have heard that money is being wasted, that people are scamming the system, and that it is too easy for a person to get on disability. However, these statements aren’t true and your Tulsa disability attorneys are here to tell you exactly why.

3 Myths about Social Security Disability, Busted!

  1. It’s Easy to Get Disability Benefits: If it’s so easy to get a disability claim approved, then why are approximately 60 percent of applicants initially turned away? To qualify for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) you have to meet several requirements. This includes work credit requirements as well as having evidence of a qualifying medical condition.
  2. Disability Claims Are Rising Out of Control Due to Fraud: This myth is based on the fact that enrollment numbers keep rising, but that’s not the full story. Most people who enroll in SSDI are aged 50 to 64, and that segment of the population is growing. Plus, more women are qualifying due to their work experience than ever before. These are the reasons enrollment numbers are rising. However, the thought that fraud is causing enrollment to explode just isn’t supported by the evidence.
  3. It’s Easy to Fake a Disability: To get SSDI benefits, you often have to have proof of your disability. This means getting diagnosed by a doctor. Plus, if the Social Security Administration suspects your medical records are false, they can have their own physicians review your condition. Fooling one doctor is hard enough, but two…

What all this adds up to is a tightly monitored and policed disability benefits system. As a matter of fact, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development considers our Social Security system one of the stricter among nations with advanced economies.

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