Three Myths About Getting SSDI Approval

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Recently, we discussed the Social Security Disability backlog, which has stretched to 1.1 million people long. This can make applying for Social Security disability seem like an impossible task, however, there are some details you need to know. There are myths about applying for disability benefits, and debunking them can help show you that SSDI approval is not a fairy tale.

Busting Myths About Getting SSDI Approval

  1. Social Security Disability Denials Are Random– There are frequent denials in the first step applying for SSDI, but these denials are not random. For instance, two men who have similar back issues apply for disability. One is denied and yet the other’s benefits are approved in the beginning of the process. At first this seems random until you learn that the man whose benefits were denied was 41, while the other man was 59. There are factors that make finding alternative work easier for a younger person than someone nearing retirement age. The administration will consider this and other factors when determining who gets approval. A worker’s transferable skills and physical condition will also play a pivotal role in getting benefits approval at the beginning of the process.
  2. Doctor’s Opinions Will Guarantee Approval– Though doctor’s opinions can be compelling, they are of little use without evidence to back up the doctor’s claim. Medical records are a key part of the approval process. Without them, a claim can be sunk, even if a doctor says that they think their patient should be on disability.
  3. Completing the Appeals Process Doesn’t Guarantee Benefits– In some of the recent reports on the SSDI waitlist, it was reported that simply getting through the appeals process ensures benefits for most. This statement can be misleading. Here in Oklahoma, around 51 percent of applicants get approval at the hearing stage, and that is less than the national average. Often insufficient evidence, missed hearings and claimants returning to the workforce are the reason these applications fail.

Experienced disability attorneys are familiar with the details the Social Security Administration looks for when determining a claim. They know the evidence you’ll need, the aspects of your injury the SSA will be most interested in, and they can give you an idea of your approval chances at the beginning of your application process. This knowledge can save you time, and help keep you from losing your home and livelihood while waiting for approval. So, don’t fall victim to the myths, contact an attorney before you start of your SSDI application.

A message from the Tulsa disability attorneys at Troutman & Troutman, P.C.

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