Third-Party Workloads Increasing at Field Offices

As we have blogged about multiple times in the past, having an attorney working with you during the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications and appeals process can be incredibly important.

Often, we see people who try to go through the process without legal representation making errors that slow down their case or cause problems with the Social Security Administration. Keep in mind, Social Security law is incredibly complex—it can involve a tremendous amount of paperwork and medical documentation, as well as electronic and mail filing.

By working with an attorney, you may be able to ensure that the process will move smoothly. It may also help when it comes to speeding up processing times, as documentation may be easier.

Field Office Workers Complain About Third-Party Work Loads

With this in mind, recently, a newsletter from the National Council of Social Security Management Associations (NCSSMA) indicated that third party requests for information at SSA field offices have been increasing at an “alarming rate”.

The newsletter claims that a survey by the association found that “offices are spending an hour and a half or more per day just sorting the influx of paper claims, appeals, 1695/1696s, and FOIA requests.” The survey also found that of paperwork sent in by fax and mail, about one-third was duplicative or second-time requests.

One person reportedly told the NCSSMA “the majority of the time, forms are submitted electronically, faxed, and then mailed to the field office. Not only do we receive them twice, but most often three times.” The worker also claimed that a majority of the forms SSA field offices receive are incomplete.

Helping You Obtain SSDI

As this shows, the SSDI process can be multifaceted. Working with an attorney can help you overcome documentation problems that could slow down your application or appeal. For more information about the SSDI application and appeals process, you can visit our Social Security FAQ page.

You should not let these numbers dissuade you from collecting SSDI if you are disabled. Remember, we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we are not paid unless you successfully receive benefits.

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