The Unemployment Rate for Disabled Americans

The first three months of 2012 saw the employment picture get worse for disabled Americans. Their unemployment rate, which dropped at the end of last year, jumped back up 1.4 percentage points to 14.6 percent. The unemployment rate for those without disabilities is at 8.4 percent.

These official numbers are generally about half as much as true unemployment rates, many economists point out. The official numbers often seen in newspapers do not include people who have stopped looking for work or those who accepted part-time work but would prefer full time. As a result, the actual unemployment numbers are about twice as high, putting the unemployment rates for disabled Americans in the neighborhood of 30 percent and for non-disabled Americans around 16 percent.

Difficulties Disabled Workers Face in Returning to Work

Disability benefits like SSDI or SSI benefits help disabled Americans and their families make ends meet, but receiving them and then transitioning back into the workforce is far from straightforward. For more details on disability benefits and returning to work, consider speaking with a Tulsa Oklahoma Social Security disability attorney.

Below are a few of the difficulties disabled Americans face when looking for work. If you have any additional thoughts, we welcome your comments below.

  • The wait for disability benefits can be a year or two; during this waiting period, the bills of course continue to come and expenses have to be paid
  • Bankruptcies and foreclosures are more common amongst disabled Americans because of the financial difficulties they face
  • For many disabled Americans, it is extremely painful to work and returning to work can aggravate their condition
  • Unfortunately, the difficulties posed by disability and the difficulties in finding work often go hand in hand – if a disability beneficiary has been out of work for a few years and has faced several financial difficulties, he or she often has a tougher time finding work

What difficulties did you face while waiting for disability benefits or while transitioning back to work?

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