The Basics of Social Security Disability

According to EmpowHer, a lot of disabled individuals have questions about Social Security disability and the process of applying for benefits. The most common questions about Social Security Disability Insurance is if there is any way to speed up the process. The truth is, that up to 70 percent of initial applicants may be denied and it may take close to a year to get to a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. The best way to help speed up your SSDI claim is to understand the process better, something a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney may be able to explain in the best way.

There are two forms of Social Security disability: Social Security Disability Insurance, which every worker earns by collecting work credits and pays in through payroll taxes, and Supplemental Security Income, which you can get even if you have never been employed.

The disability determination done by the Social Security Administration asks that a claimant prove they are unable to perform any job in the economy and that they meet the SSA’s definition of disabled. Also, it is not enough that you are unable to keep working at a job you previously had, as you may be able to do a job in a different manner, such as by sitting and not standing.

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