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Will Uber Ever Be More Accessible for People with Disabilities?

By now, we’ve all heard of Uber. It is the ride hailing app that can summon a driver to your doorstep to take you wherever you need to go. It is a revolutionary transportation advancement that is allowing more people to be mobile than ever before… That is unless you are a person with disabilities. Why Can’t Uber Become More Accessible for People with Disabilities? Uber’s history of limited access for people with disabilities is unfortunately pretty long. In California, the company was sued for denying access and even abusing service animals and their masters. In Chicago, the company was accused of not meeting the city’s requirement that all transport companies must maintain a number of wheelchair accessible vehicles greater than or equal to 5 percent of that company’s fleet. Several other conflicts have given the company a black eye when it comes to disability rights, and the latest case…
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Are Uber Drivers Refusing to Pick Up Riders with Service Dogs?

Back in September of 2014, the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) filed a lawsuit against the rideshare company Uber. It claimed that Uber drivers were refusing rides to people with service animals, which is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, Uber claimed that it wasn’t subject to the ADA. Who was right? It took two years to figure it out. Did Uber Drivers Really Refuse to Pick Up Riders with Service Dogs? The NFB filed a lawsuit against Uber after it received word of the terrible treatment people with service animals were receiving. One victim alleged that she had been denied a ride 12 times by several UberX drivers. Another victim claimed her service dog had been locked in the trunk without her knowledge. When she requested the driver stop the car so she could let the dog out of the trunk, she was refused….
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Is Ridesharing Disability Friendly?

Have you heard of Uber and Lyft? They are the two largest ride hailing companies in the entire nation. They provide apps that allow people to hail a ride through their smartphone. When you use the app, one of these companies’ drivers will swing by, pick you up and take you wherever you want to go. But there’s a problem with these services, they aren’t well equipped to handle people with disabilities. Just How Disability Friendly Are Ridesharing Apps? On October 13th, a disability rights group in Chicago filed a federal lawsuit against Uber Technologies. The group says that Uber violated wheelchair accessibility laws set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act. They claim the ridesharing giant is setting disability rights back and they want the company brought into compliance immediately. According to the law, any taxi company in Chicago that has over 20 cabs must maintain a number of…
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