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How SSI Benefits Differ From SSDI Benefits

We have previously discussed how SSDI benefits are a form of insurance because you can only receive them if you have worked long enough to have paid enough in FICA taxes to be eligible for the benefits. SSI benefits often get lumped in with SSDI benefits, but the two have important differences. The one trait they do share is that the Social Security Administration uses the same criteria of “disability” to evaluate eligibility for both types of benefits, but that is about where the similarities end, however. The Difference Between SSI and SSDI Benefits SSI or Supplemental Security Income benefits are not a type of disability insurance like SSDI is. SSI benefits are a form of financial assistance for low income, disabled Americans. President Nixon created SSI in 1974 in order to standardize the way that states were providing the same type of benefits. Nixon brought all those different programs…
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Here Are Three Social Security Mistakes That Can Cost You Financially

Social Security will be an important benefit of your retirement plans as a typical American, and it will most likely be a huge part of your income. Many Americans, however, don’t fully understand how these benefits work and what the program does for you. For Americans who go into this process unaware, you could fall into some pretty common financial traps that could permanently reduce your income later on. 3 Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Becoming a Social Security Recipient Claiming benefits before you know how they work. If you don’t fully understand the factors that could impact your Social Security income, you could most likely make poor decisions when attempting to claim benefits. You should fully know how your age, work history, and marital status will affect your benefits during the claim process. For example, retiring before full retirement age (FRA) will reduce your monthly income. If you…
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Fox Host Calls Male SSDI Recipients “Eunuchs”

Last month, a Fox Business Channel host told a group of conservative people that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) was turning men into “modern-day eunuchs.” According to the website rawstory.com, Charles Payne told attendees at David Horowitz’s ‘Restoration Weekend 2013’ that men in the country had been “castrated at the soul” by “gaming the system”, when discussing SSDI. “[Men have] been cut off from the traditional role of young men as risk takers, family creators and future leaders,” Payne said, according to rawstory.com. “Big strong men around this country, they sit on porches and stoops, they stand on street corners all day long collecting taxpayer benefits.” Payne also reportedly described SSDI benefits as “lavish and generous”, describing it as an economic issue. “So now, these modern-day eunuchs are being paid billions — billions of dollars not to work,” Payne said, according to rawstory.com. “They’re proud of it!” Find a Tulsa…
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