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SSDI Benefits Are Not the Problem

Several newspapers and columnists have at last taken up defending the disability benefits system against unfounded attacks that have seemed to grow heading into election season. Many of the articles have emphasized points we have been making on this blog over the past few months. A few of the headlines around the country have been: “Distorting the truth about disability insurance” “Social Security Disability Enrollment Rising Due to Demographic Trends, Not Obama ‘Slavery’ Plot: CBO” (a reference to Congressman Allen West’s remarks that disability benefits create a form of economic dependence and modern slavery) “Some Are Too Quick to Criticize the Disabled’ “People with disabilities still suffer discrimination in hiring” “My View: America is not full of ‘freeloaders’ ” (an opinion piece pointing out that one reason that applicant numbers have been growing is because more of us are suffering from cancer than ever before, and cancer is the second…
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Disability, Retirement Benefits and Debit Card Fees

On Monday, we mentioned how Social Security benefits will be entirely electronic by next spring. Beneficiaries – whether disability or retirement – will need to receive their benefits through either direct deposit or the government’s own debit card, the Direct Express card. The Direct Express card will be the option that Americans without access to a savings or checking account will select, but they need to be careful to avoid losing some of their benefits each month. If you have ever used a debit card, you are probably well aware of the major problem that beneficiaries will face – fees. Fees to Get Your Social Security Benefits The money on the Direct Express card is yours; obtaining that money without incurring fees is another story. You will have to be careful of where you use your card and where you withdraw money. With the Direct Express card, you get one…
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New CBO Report Confirms that Baby Boomers Lead SSDI Growth

A new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (“CBO”) confirms what we have been saying all along – the rise in disability beneficiaries has more to do with demographics than unfounded claims that more and more applicants are gaming the system. More details on what it takes to qualify for disability benefits are available from a Tulsa Oklahoma Social Security disability attorney. The CBO is not a political agency; it is a budget and economic analysis agency whose employees are nearly all economists or public policy analysts who hold advanced degrees in those fields. CBO staff provides economic forecasts, analysis of each year’s federal budget, and estimates of costs of federal proposals. Last Monday, the CBO released an evaluation of the financial state of Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) benefits and how various proposals would affect it. In evaluating SSDI, CBO confirmed a statement we have made concerning the…
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