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Expedited Benefits: Speeding up the Application Process for Veterans

On Wednesday, we discussed the difference between filing for Social Security disability benefits and VA benefits for US military veterans. The process of filing for Social Security disability benefits has been known to take years, especially if you are denied benefits and go through the appeals process. However, there is a way to expedite the process for veterans. If you can provide evidence that your disability is connected to your military service, you may be able to receive your benefits decision earlier. If this applies to you, then you should fill out a form called the 1-2-1-95. Exhibit – Critical Request Evaluation Sheet. In essence, it states that your disability, or at least an aspect of it, was caused by a service casualty. This provision is only available for veterans involved in active military service after October 1, 2001. Additionally, a VA directive issued in 2008 requires VA medical staff…
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Receiving SSI Benefits While Your App is Pending

This week’s posts have discussed several of the ways that Social Security makes it easier for disability applicants with particular medical conditions. Compassionate Allowances, TERI and QDD are three such programs that speed up the disability benefits process for disabled Americans. Another fast track program is for presumptive disabilities. In the case of presumptive disability (“PD”) or presumptive blindness (“PB”), Social Security pays benefits before it reaches a decision on your case. You may be able to receive SSI benefits immediately through PD or PB if you have one of the following conditions (a fuller list is available on the presumptive disability page of Social Security’s site): amputation of a leg at the hip total deafness total blindness immobility due to a longstanding condition severe mental deficiency underweight child HIV or AIDS In some cases, Social Security is even able to make an emergency advance payment for PD or PB…
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Bogus Disability Claims Are Not Easy To Make

We have been tackling a few of myths surrounding disability benefits this week. On Wednesday, we discussed the claim that SSDI beneficiaries tend not to return to work, pointing out that the ones most able to recover from severe injuries (Americans under 40 and those without a severe or terminal condition) do frequently return to work within a few years of starting disability benefits. Today we consider the often-made criticism that more Americans are going on disability each month than finding jobs. Statistically speaking, the criticism’s numbers are accurate. From April to June of this year, for example, the economy added 225,000 jobs, while Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries grew by 246,000. The problem, though, is that comparing the two is like comparing apples with oranges – the two numbers are not that directly related. First there are the demographic reasons we have mentioned in past blog posts – more…
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