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Do You Know What The Ticket To Work Program Is?

Government officials and politicians are constantly looking for ways to help the SSDI system support the ever expanding numbers of people enrolling. One of their solutions is trying to help people with disabilities discover that they are far more useful to the workforce than they realize. Do You Know What The Ticket To Work Program Is? The Ticket to Work program is a special career development and support system operated by the Social Security Administration. It helps people with disabilities get jobs and reenter the workforce without putting their Medicaid or Medicare in danger. How Does Ticket To Work Help People With Disabilities? The program offers several career building options—like working with private employment counselors, getting résumé building tips, and access to employment networks that could help you find a job—which could lead you to a new career. The best part is that the program is designed to work without…
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How Does SSDI Protect the American Workforce?

On Monday, we discussed how experts believe there has been a rise in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims due to states cutting workers’ compensation benefits. With this in mind, recently, the Maryville Daily Forum had an editorial that detailed how SSDI helps working Americans. The piece claims that the SSDI program is perhaps the most misunderstood federal program in the country, as some people believe recipients “have never worked and are taking advantage of the system by receiving money for minor impairments.” However, this is simply untrue. “Social Security disability beneficiaries are some of the most severely impaired people in the country, and they greatly depend on their benefits,” the Forum noted. Additionally, the program helps the American workforce by allowing some recipients to participate in programs returning them to work periodically, or entirely, when their disabilities improve. “[W]ork incentives include continued cash benefits for a period of time…
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