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Do You Know How Social Security Survivor Benefits Work?

Do you know how many people receive a check from the Social Security Administration? Approximately 42.4 million people claim Social Security retirement checks, and about 14 million claimants are disabled workers. But did you know there is another group of Social Security claimants that get checks from the program? These beneficiaries claim Social Security survivor benefits, and it is an important part of the system that you need to understand. How Do You Claim Social Security Survivor Benefits? To claim these benefits, the worker who passed away must have worked long enough to qualify. For younger workers, that can be as little as a year, but the older you are, the longer your work record must be. The next factor is that the worker’s survivor must be an immediate relation that was dependent upon the worker. This often includes spouses, children of a certain age, and in rare instances—step-relatives, adopted…
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