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6 Ways Oklahomans With Disabilities Can Beat The Heat?

This summer has been particularly hot, and with August—summer’s hottest month—finally here, people with disabilities are going to need help staying cool. That’s why your Tulsa disability attorneys put together a list of things you can do to help beat the summer time heat. 6 Ways Oklahomans With Disabilities Can Beat The Heat Equipment Maintenance—Make sure your fans and AC are in proper working order. A good cleaning and a splash of oil here and there will keep these appliances from breaking down. This can also save you a little bit of money on cooling bills. Check Out City Services—Call your local city hall to find out if your town has heat relief programs for residents vulnerable to heat. Many cities all over the country sponsor programs like this to help people with disabilities. Apply For Assistance— The Oklahoma Department of Human Services has $18 million of federal money available…
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