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Are Kids with Learning Disabilities Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

Kids with learning disabilities can require a lot of extra help to keep up in school. This can include medication, tutors and therapy. All of these things can be extremely costly, leading to parents of children with disabilities being unable to afford to provide their kids with the help they need to develop into adults capable of attending college, finding a job and living independently. Therefore, receiving some type of financial assistance can be crucial for the development and well-being of kids with learning disabilities. Since they have not worked, children are not eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). However, kids can collect Supplemental Security Income (SSI). How Can Kids with Learning Disabilities Collect SSI? It is very difficult for kids with learning disabilities to collect Social Security disability benefits. First, proof must be provided that the child has functional limitations that are severe and will last for at…
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Receiving SSI Benefits While Your App is Pending

This week’s posts have discussed several of the ways that Social Security makes it easier for disability applicants with particular medical conditions. Compassionate Allowances, TERI and QDD are three such programs that speed up the disability benefits process for disabled Americans. Another fast track program is for presumptive disabilities. In the case of presumptive disability (“PD”) or presumptive blindness (“PB”), Social Security pays benefits before it reaches a decision on your case. You may be able to receive SSI benefits immediately through PD or PB if you have one of the following conditions (a fuller list is available on the presumptive disability page of Social Security’s site): amputation of a leg at the hip total deafness total blindness immobility due to a longstanding condition severe mental deficiency underweight child HIV or AIDS In some cases, Social Security is even able to make an emergency advance payment for PD or PB…
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Fast Track Programs for Disability Benefits

On Monday, we noted the latest addition to Social Security’s Compassionate Allowances program, which helps disabled Americans get disability benefits much quicker than through the typical process. With the addition of Adult Huntington’s Disease, the program now has 165 medical conditions. There are other ways that disability applicants can speed through the application process more quickly, and today we take up “TERI” and “QDD” applicants. TERI applicants are those with a terminal illness. Of course, these illnesses are so severe that medical professionals do not expect the applicant to be alive much longer, so a disability benefits process that takes year would not be of much help to a person with a terminal illness. Social Security immediately flags TERI applicants for special processing. Another program that Social Security uses to speed certain applicants through the disability process is the quick disability determination (“QDD”) method. Unlike TERI or Compassionate Allowances, applicants…
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More SSDI Beneficiaries Return to Work Than Commonly Thought

This week’s posts discuss some of the more common criticisms of Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) benefits, and, today, we take up the common refrain from critics that once people get on disability benefits, they never return to work. In fact, this is a concern that not just critics have voiced, but the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) itself has voiced. In its reports on its “Ticket to Work” program, which provides training to disability beneficiaries to return to work, the SSA cites a statistic that “only about one-half of one percent of beneficiaries were exiting because of work when the legislation was passed…” Like many statistics, the “one-half of one percent” number deserves a closer look, and that’s what several policy experts and statisticians did in their 2010 paper “How Many SSDI Beneficiaries Leave the Rolls for Work? More Than You Might Think.” It turns out that one problem with…
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Electronic Benefits for New Disability Applicants

For over a year now, anyone applying for disability benefits (or any Social Security benefits at all) has had to receive those benefits electronically. If you have been receiving benefits since some time before May 1, 2011, you still have a little bit of time left to receive paper checks, but everyone has to switch to electronic receipt by March 1, 2013. If you have questions about how any forthcoming changes will impact your disability benefits, you may wish to speak to a Tulsa SSI lawyer. Two options for receiving Social Security benefits You have two options to receive your benefits electronically. If you have a savings or checking account, you can to opt to receive your benefits through direct deposit. You just need your bank’s routing number (available on your bank’s website or from the bank itself) and your account number, and then your benefits will automatically appear in…
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