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How Would a Reduced SSA Budget Affect Disability Benefits?

The House just passed legislation that could freeze funding for Social Security for another year. In the Senate, there is discussion of cutting another 4 percent off the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) $10.5 billion budget. This trend is nothing new. Since 2010, Congress has cut the SSA’s operating budget by 11 percent. Now people who need disability benefits to survive are paying for these cuts with their time, means and lives. How Does a Reduced SSA Budget Affect People Who Need Disability Benefits? So far in 2017, 10,002 people applying for Social Security disability benefits have died. The SSA suspects many of these people may have grown sicker due to their lack of income. This situation is only amplified by the estimated 633-day waitlist that 1.1 million Americans are sitting on—waiting to get a hearing and a chance to prove they can no longer work. But the Social Security Administration…
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How Long Could I Have to Wait to Get a Disability Hearing?

Could a new rule make the wait time for a Social Security disability hearing even longer? Per a KCUR 89.3 report, that may be the case. Currently, applicants must wait an average of around 600 days for a hearing. The long wait times have reportedly led to a nationwide backlog of Social Security disability hearings. The backlog dates back nearly a decade. Jason Fichtner, who was acting deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration back then, told KCUR 89.3 that at that time, the Great Recession was in full swing, leading to the SSA receiving a large influx of disability benefits applications. With so many people applying for disability benefits at once and the SSA’s operating budget shrinking 10 percent since 2010, the agency fell behind, and they have never been able to catchup. Currently, over a million disability applicants nationwide are awaiting disability hearings. Unfortunately, not only does this…
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Has the President Broken His Promise to Protect Social Security?

The Huffington Post recently featured an article that analyzed President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. Specifically, the article focused on whether President Trump has broken his promise to protect Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Is the President Failing to Keep His Promise to Protect Social Security? Per the report in The Huffington Post, there are five campaign promises regarding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that POTUS may have already broken in his first 100 days: Failing to weigh-in on criticism from his own party and administration regarding the Social Security system. President Trump repeatedly called out members of his own party during his campaign for supporting cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. However, since being elected, he no longer defends the Social Security system when fellow Republicans or members of his own administration attack it. Naming a Health and Human Services Secretary who is “anti-Medicare”. President Trump’s…
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Why Is the White House Claiming Social Security Disability Is Wasteful?

The Washington Post recently published an article examining the White House’s views on Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). The Post’s article included an excerpt from White House Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney’s appearance on Face the Nation where he called the SSDI program wasteful. Is a Rise in the Number of Social Security Disability Beneficiaries the Result of Wastefulness? Is the White House accurate in calling the Social Security disability (SSD) program wasteful, or is this administration mistakenly blaming an increase in the number of SSD beneficiaries on wastefulness? According to data in the Post report, it appears the White House is mistaken in calling the SSD program wasteful. As of this writing, 17 percent of Social Security beneficiaries are disabled workers and their dependents. In addition, prior to President Obama taking office, there were 9.3 million Social Security disability beneficiaries. That number grew to a peak…
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Claim Social Security Benefits Too Early? Here’s What You Do

A report featured in The Motley Fool, a financial news website, dealt with options for retirees if they claimed their Social Security benefits too early. How Claiming Your Social Security Benefits Too Soon Can Hurt You The earliest you can collect your Social Security retirement benefits is age 62. However, claiming it at that age is considered early retirement. The full retirement age according to the Social Security Administration (SSA) is 66 or 67. The reason why claiming your Social Security benefits too soon can hurt you is because it can limit your annual retirement income for the rest of your life. For instance, per a CNBC report, a person’s Social Security income could increase by anywhere from 20 to 35 percent from age 62 to age 67. This means that if you start collecting benefits at 62 instead of 66 or 67 you could receive 20 to 35 percent…
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