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Things You Didn’t Know About Inspirational Disability Videos

Have you seen the ABC show Speechless? It’s a comedy about the day-to-day life of a teenage boy—JJ—who has cerebral palsy. He and his family deal with everyday normal situations just like any other family, but they often encounter and deal with misconceptions based on JJ’s disability. That leads to the show featuring issues that many people don’t know about, and the latest topic to get that spotlight was inspiration porn. How Can Inspirational Disability Videos Be Insulting? The term inspiration porn doesn’t refer to some sort of explicit video on the internet. It refers to using people with disabilities as inspirational material. Many people think this is endearing, but it often insults the individuals being used or insults people like them. Internet videos are often where we see this happen a lot. They portray people with disabilities as saints to learn life lessons from when most of them are…
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Will You Be Watching Speechless This Fall?

Disability issues are much larger than most of the nation realizes. There are over 56 million Americans living with disabilities in our country, but if you watch popular media, you wouldn’t know that. Today’s entertainment rarely gives us a story about someone with disabilities, but some people in Hollywood are trying to change that. Will You Be Watching Speechless This Fall? A new show is coming to ABC on September 21st. This show is called Speechless, and it’s about a family who has a nonverbal son with disabilities. The executive producer, Scott Silveri, is at the center of this new project. He was a former producer on Friends who always wanted to tell a story that expanded the public’s knowledge about disability, but he had reservations. Hollywood has never been very good about telling the story of people with disabilities, but Silveri had a reason to push the envelope and…
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