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Disability Benefits Debit Card Will Soon Be the Norm

This week’s posts have discussed Social Security’s transition to a system of entirely electronic benefits. If you apply for retirement or disability benefits today, you have no choice but to receive your benefits electronically. Everyone will have to receive them electronically by March 1 of next year. Some beneficiaries have expressed concerns with the change. They may not have access to bank accounts to receive the benefits, or they may not be physically able to travel to ATMs on a regular basis to withdraw their money. And then there are the fees beneficiaries have to worry about. In Wednesday’s post, we discussed what beneficiaries can do to avoid fees that eat away at your benefits. Today we will provide a few of the benefits of the electronic transition to direct deposit or the Direct Express debit card. These benefits will hopefully allay many of the concerns that beneficiaries have: As…
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When Do My Disability Benefits Stop?

This week we have been discussing some of the demographics behind disability benefits. A recent CBO analysis found that Baby Boomers have contributed a great deal to the growth in the number of disability beneficiaries. At the same time, though, the share of disability benefits going to younger Americans has been dropping. Young Americans are also the most likely demographic to get back to work and stop receiving disability benefits, a fact we discussed on Wednesday. When disability benefits end is an important consideration for anyone applying for benefits or currently receiving them. Two events will end your benefits – either you are no longer disabled, or you return to work and earn enough to stop receiving benefits. In the first case, if the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) determines that you are no longer disabled, you will have a three month grace period, and then your benefits will stop. The…
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Social Sec.: From Controversial to Near Universal Support

“Never in the history of the world has any measure been brought here so insidiously designed as to prevent business recovery, to enslave workers and to prevent any possibility of the employers providing work for the people.” Did you think this was a quote from the recent debates surrounding Obamacare? In fact, the quote comes from a 1935 statement regarding passage of the Social Security Act, which instituted benefits for retired Americans and those whose loved ones passed away. Just as much animosity surrounded other landmark legislative events like the expansion of Social Security into providing disability benefits and the creation of Medicare to provide healthcare for our nation’s senior citizens. We look at these programs much differently today in 2012 than at the time of their passage. Social Security in general today enjoys wide spread support from conservatives and liberals alike. Here are some recent poll numbers regarding Social…
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