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Huntington’s Disease Added to Disability Benefits Fast Track

A quick search of the web will reveal that one of the bigger problems that disabled Americans face with their quests for disability benefits is the process itself. Most applicants can expect to spend over a year with their applications for disability benefits even if the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) ultimately awards them benefits. The SSA even uses a code – DXDI – for when applicants pass away while their disability application is pending. The process can be no long, and the SSA continues to make efforts in recent years to speed it up, but there are several programs that may help you get through the disability benefits process quicker than other applicants. This week we will discuss how several of these programs work. Compassionate Allowances This program, which goes by the acronym “CAL,” involves a list of medical conditions that the SSA recognizes to be so severe that applicants…
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More SSDI Beneficiaries Return to Work Than Commonly Thought

This week’s posts discuss some of the more common criticisms of Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) benefits, and, today, we take up the common refrain from critics that once people get on disability benefits, they never return to work. In fact, this is a concern that not just critics have voiced, but the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) itself has voiced. In its reports on its “Ticket to Work” program, which provides training to disability beneficiaries to return to work, the SSA cites a statistic that “only about one-half of one percent of beneficiaries were exiting because of work when the legislation was passed…” Like many statistics, the “one-half of one percent” number deserves a closer look, and that’s what several policy experts and statisticians did in their 2010 paper “How Many SSDI Beneficiaries Leave the Rolls for Work? More Than You Might Think.” It turns out that one problem with…
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Disability Benefits Debit Card Will Soon Be the Norm

This week’s posts have discussed Social Security’s transition to a system of entirely electronic benefits. If you apply for retirement or disability benefits today, you have no choice but to receive your benefits electronically. Everyone will have to receive them electronically by March 1 of next year. Some beneficiaries have expressed concerns with the change. They may not have access to bank accounts to receive the benefits, or they may not be physically able to travel to ATMs on a regular basis to withdraw their money. And then there are the fees beneficiaries have to worry about. In Wednesday’s post, we discussed what beneficiaries can do to avoid fees that eat away at your benefits. Today we will provide a few of the benefits of the electronic transition to direct deposit or the Direct Express debit card. These benefits will hopefully allay many of the concerns that beneficiaries have: As…
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