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How Can I Protect Myself From Social Security Scams?

Did you know that Social Security scams are the number one type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission? These scams often mislead seniors into believing that they need to make cash or gift card payments. They prey on fears that they must make these payments to avoid arrest for Social Security related issues. To avoid becoming a victim of Social Security scams, it is important to understand how these scams work. It is also important to understand what Social Security employees will and will not do when contacting you. How Social Security Scams Work Social Security scams work well because they use fear tactics to convince seniors to take action. These scam artists often call and state that they suspended the Social Security number pending legal action. They then bait individuals into submitting payments to avoid arrest or legal action. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Social Security…
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Could Identity Theft Affect Your Social Security Disability Benefits?

It is the holiday season once more, and though this time of year can be filled with good cheer, it’s also the time of the year scammers are most active. These individuals will try to steal your personal information in order bilk you and the federal government out of money. And if you are not careful, some forms of identity theft could even affect your Social Security disability benefits. How Identity Theft Could Put Your Social Security Disability Benefits at Risk In November of 2015, a woman on SSDI received a letter from the Social Security Administration. The letter requested that she send the administration her tax returns for the years 2011,2012 and 2013, but the woman had filed no tax returns those years. She eventually realized that someone had used her Social Security information to file fraudulent tax returns, which showed up as gainful income to the SSA. The…
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A New Scam Is Targeting People on SSDI, Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you heard of those IRS scam calls that people often receive? These scammers call and pose as IRS agents and threaten you with arrest to trick you into paying them. Well, these scammers are branching out, and if you are on Social Security disability, you may be their next target. Is a New Scam Targeting People on SSDI? The phone rings and when you pick it up, there’s a recorded message. It tells you that there is something wrong with your Social Security number or account, and you need to call back. The recording gives you a number to speak to a Social Security Administration (SSA) agent, but that might not be who you are calling. Scammers have been using these recordings to get disability beneficiaries to call them. Once you connect with them, they tell victims that they are in trouble and that you owe the government money….
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What Scams Target People With Disabilities?

Did you know that scammers like to strike in the months right after tax season? Since tax season ended this year, the Treasury Department and the IRS estimate that victims have lost around $29 million, and that’s just counting what people have lost to phone scams. There are many other scams out there, and these criminals like to target the elderly and people with disabilities. So, is there any way an Oklahoman with disabilities can avoid falling victim to one of these con artists? Only if you know what to watch out for. What Scams Target People With Disabilities? Social Security Scams: Sometimes scammers will impersonate officials from the Social Security Administration. They will tell you that there is a problem with your benefits and that they need personal information or even credit or debit card information to straighten the mess out, but more than likely they are just con-artists…
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