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Can a GoFundMe Campaign Ruin Your Social Security Benefits?

For one baseball fan in Kansas City, Missouri life has been pretty rough. She has lived with a disabling disease all her life, so a group of friendly baseball fans decided to make one of her dreams come true. They sent her to a Royal’s game. However, their good intentions have now left this woman in a desperate situation. How a GoFundMe Campaign Can Ruin Your Social Security Benefits This Kansas City Royals fan has neurofibromatosis, a rare condition that causes tumors to grow all over her body. These tumors have been a source of both physical and emotional pain for all of her life. As she was growing up, children made fun of her because of the way the tumors made her look. As an adult, one of her tumors tested positive for cancer, and doctors were forced amputate her leg. But through all this pain, she could always…
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