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Is Pokémon Go Helping People With Disabilities?

Have you heard the heartwarming story of why a mother walked her son’s phone ten kilometers? You see, her son has a disability, but he is an avid Pokémon fan. So when Pokémon Go—the latest mobile app that lets you catch virtual creatures in real life—came out, the boy couldn’t play it. You see, players have to walk their phones to find Pokémon and hatch Pokémon eggs. So the boy’s mother did it for him. The gesture went viral, but the implications have disturbed many disability advocates. Is Pokémon Go Helping People With Disabilities? Another Pokémon fan with disabilities found herself depressed by the prospect of not being able to catch ‘em all. She had used the old Nintendo games to help cope with her disability. However, her limited mobility keeps her from hunting the little virtual creatures. She tried to hunt Pokémon from her bed, but new Pokémon quickly…
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