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Could the OSDH Budget Scandal Affect People with Disabilities?

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is supposed to help make Oklahomans healthier. This government office does so by investing in programs that help treat and prevent illnesses. That’s a big task for a state our size, but the department has always seemed to operate within the limits of its budget. Now, an OSDH budget scandal could shake the foundations of our state, and it could leave the health needs of people with disabilities unattended. Will the OSDH Budget Scandal Hurt People with Disabilities? On October 30th, mandatory furloughs were expected to start for employees at the OSDH. These furloughs were scheduled to last until June 2018 and up to 250 layoffs were also expected. This was due to a $10 million shortfall in the state agency that no one could quite account for, and due to that apparent mismanagement of funds, Terry Cline—the state’s health commissioner—resigned. Cline was…
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