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Will the Service at the Social Security Administration Get Worse

Right now, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has several ways for you to access information about your Social Security and disability benefits. Whether it’s online, on the phone or at your Social Security office, accessing information about your benefits is easy, or at least it should be. Some critics are complaining that the customer service from the SSA has been lacking, and new policies could make that service even harder to manage. Is the Service at the Social Security Administration Going to Get Worse? You’ve probably heard horror stories about people who called the SSA for help with their benefits only to find that they couldn’t sort the problem out over the phone. Sometimes these people would even use the internet service—my Social Security—to try to clear up these complications. However, this song and dance usually ends at the Social Security office. Having a live person help you sort out…
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Why Can’t I Log On to My Social Security Account?

There are more than 59 million survivors, retirees and workers with disabilities depending on Social Security in this country. So it made a lot of sense when the Social Security Administration (SSA) made online features available to help manage your Social Security account. This measure helped improve wait times and cut down on the line at your local SSA office. But there’s a new wrinkle in the system, and many people are finding themselves locked out of their accounts. Why Can’t I Log On to My Social Security Account? Multifactor authentication (MFA) has been a part of the SSA’s my Social Security accounts since 2012. It is a security option that sends a text to your cellphone, then asks for the authorization code it sent. The code lasts for 10 minutes, and it provides you with an extra layer of security. This prevents people from breaking into your account and…
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