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Can Toys Change the Way Disability is Perceived?

What was your favorite toy as a child? Was it a car, or maybe an action figure, or perhaps it was a Barbie? Well, a lot of those toys are still around for your children to enjoy, but were those toys as perfect as we remember? In an effort to make kids toys better, one man has developed a new type of doll, and it’s meant to be inclusive. Will Toys Change the Way Disability is Perceived? Nickolay Lamm designed a new type of fashion doll called Lammily. These toys were designed to represent a what normal people look like, and have acquired the nickname “Normal Barbie.” So far the toys have been well received, but Lamm wasn’t done with simply providing the world with more human-like dolls. To make this dolls even more accessible to children, Lamm is creating a wheelchair accessory for his line of dolls. He says…
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