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Are Care Workers Paid Enough to Support Independent Living for People with Disabilities?

If you are a person with disabilities, then living independently is probably one of your goals in life. For many, this is only possible through the assistance of family, friends and professionals. And though it may be difficult to organize these elements, there are systems in place that should enable independent living. However, there is a major problem in this system, and Oklahomans with disabilities who wish to live on their own need to be aware of this obstacle. Will the State Pay Care Workers Enough to Make Independent Living Possible for Oklahomans? For nearly a decade, support for independent living has been decreasing all over the nation and here in Oklahoma. After passing on Medicaid expansion, the state legislature has slowly cut funding to disability services all over the state. This has limited the services to people who want to live independent and self-sustaining lives despite a disability. These…
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Can Your Help Make the World More Accessible for People with Disabilities?

Holding down a job when you also have a disability can be tough. A woman living in the Grouse Run Apartments in Oklahoma City understands this better than most people. She works as a nurse’s assistant despite a learning disability, but when hard times came knocking, she was afraid she could lose her home. Do You Know How to Make the World More Accessible? A few months ago, this nurse’s assistant was living alone and getting along just fine until family circumstances force her teenage son to move in with her. Everything seemed alright at first, but soon she was unable to pay her rent. The woman was scared that she was about to be evicted, so she packed up her things and prepared to move them into storage. She needn’t have worried. The landlord at the Grouse Run Apartments saw that her normally punctual tenant was falling behind in…
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