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Did the Government Illegally Garnish this Man’s Disability Benefits?

Do you remember the story we told you about a few weeks ago? The Government Accountability Office (GAO) compiled a report that said Social Security benefit garnishments had increased over the past decade. Around 114,000 people are having their benefits garnished and over half of those people are on disability benefits. However, many of these people shouldn’t have their benefits garnished. Were Disability Benefits Illegally Garnished by the Government? A 67-year-old man was notified in 2013 that his Social Security Benefits would be garnished because of his student loan debts from 1970. Back then, the man had entered college for a short time, but couldn’t continue attending school because of health issues. He was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and started receiving Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). However, he still owed money on those loans. So, the government had finally come to collect, but this man’s benefits were barely enough to…
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Can My Social Security Disability Insurance Be Garnished?

So you have been injured and you can no longer work. You apply for SSDI and after a long process you finally get benefits, but before you were injured you had debt collectors hounding you and threatening to garnish your wages. Now that you are finally receiving benefits, will these debt collectors show up and take a part of what you need in order to get by? Can My Social Security Disability Insurance Be Garnished? In many ways, Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance function in much the same way, and garnishment is one of those ways. The fact of the matter is that collectors trying to collect payment on credit cards, personal loans, and medical bills cannot garnish your Social Security benefits. They can garnish your bank accounts, but if you prove to a judge that the contents of that bank account come from Social Security checks, then…
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