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Is Fake News Hurting Public Perception of Social Security Disability?

We’re facing some pretty uncertain times in the country right now, and a lot of this strife is being caused by social media. Lately, outrageous news stories have been flooding people’s feeds spouting rumors and lies as if they were fact. Now this trend of fake news has started narrowing in on a new target, Social Security disability… Is Fake News Targeting Social Security Disability? Social Security is already the butt of many rumors. Some people say that it’s a secret welfare program while others say that the system is plagued by a high fraud rate. These rumors are just as untrue now as they have always been, but people are taking these rumors seriously because of fake online news articles. Have you seen articles claiming that young non-disabled people are applying for Social Security disability benefits? Have you seen articles with pictures of these young people filling Social Security…
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