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Do People with Disabilities Deserve a Fair Wage?

The 14c provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act allows some employers to get a waiver to pay people with disabilities less than minimum wage. This was a part of the New Deal and it was designed to get more people jobs during the Great Depression, but over the years it has become something else. Through rewrites and other incremental changes, 14c has become an excuse to pay people with disabilities substandard wages. Who Would Pay Their Employees Substandard Wages? In 2012, thousands protested Goodwill Industries. It seems that the charitable organization was using 14c exemptions to pay some employees with disabilities less than one dollar an hour. This scandal rallied many disability rights advocates. They claim that substandard wages and sheltered work programs are holding back people who could otherwise participate in their local workforces. Their cries of protest didn’t go unnoticed. People with Disabilities Deserve a Fair Wage…
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