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How Will Autonomous Vehicles Help People with Disabilities?

It has been 16 years since an accident left Sam Schmidt paralyzed from the neck down. Before that, he was a race car driver who competed all over the country. However, an accident ended his racing career. That accident also stopped him from ever driving to the supermarket, or travelling on his own, but a one-of-a-kind license is changing that. How are Autonomous Vehicles Going to Help People with Disabilities? Schmidt’s license is unique in our country, and it has several restrictions. The foremost restriction on his license says that the vehicle he drives must be autonomous. Luckily for Sam, there are a few self-driving vehicles out there now-a-days. Most major automotive manufacturers and a few tech companies are creating cars that can drive themselves. A company called Arrow created Schmidt’s autonomous 2016 Corvette Z06, and Tesla and Google have their own consumer vehicles in the works. These cars will…
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