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Are Disability Benefits Claimants Still Trying to Work?

  When some people hear that a person is claiming Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), they often assume that this claimant is just trying to get out of working. Our society is so work-obsessed that we often stigmatize those who do not have a job, and SSDI claimants sometimes fit into that category. That can lead to unfounded assumptions about disability benefits claimants, but the reality of these people’s lives is far more complex. Disability Benefits Claimants Fight to Work Too The Washington Post has been running stories about people who claim SSDI and SSI. This series has been running for over a year, and its purpose has been to educate the public about what it is really like to be on disability benefits. One of the interesting commonalities that the publication has discovered has been that many claimants still have a desire to work. In a recent article, The…
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Why Social Security Disability Isn’t a Secret Welfare System

There has been a lot of media lately that says Social Security disability is nothing but a secret welfare system. These articles go on to say that people who are too young and still able to work are taking advantage of a system that has slowly made it easier to get disability benefits, but they are wrong. Getting disability benefits is not some sort of entitlement issue, and the facts prove it. Social Security Benefits Do NOT Equal Social Welfare The first issue we have with calling Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) some sort of welfare is that it isn’t. Every working American pays Social Security taxes expecting that their contributions will be there when they retire, but what if they are disabled before retirement? That’s what SSDI is for. You can’t get it if you didn’t pay into the Social Security system, therefore it’s not welfare. The next issue…
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Three Myths About Social Security Disability That Just Aren’t True

What do you know about the Social Security system? For some Americans, it can be a controversial topic. They have heard that money is being wasted, that people are scamming the system, and that it is too easy for a person to get on disability. However, these statements aren’t true and your Tulsa disability attorneys are here to tell you exactly why. 3 Myths about Social Security Disability, Busted! It’s Easy to Get Disability Benefits: If it’s so easy to get a disability claim approved, then why are approximately 60 percent of applicants initially turned away? To qualify for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) you have to meet several requirements. This includes work credit requirements as well as having evidence of a qualifying medical condition. Disability Claims Are Rising Out of Control Due to Fraud: This myth is based on the fact that enrollment numbers keep rising, but that’s not…
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