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Could There Soon Be a Treatment for Paralysis?

In Switzerland, a neurosurgeon who usually works out of Lausanne University Hospital got to try her hand at a new kind of surgery. You see, this doctor normally operates on humans, but a few months ago she tried her hand at operating on a monkey instead. Why would a human neurosurgeon spend 10 hours of their day operating on an animal? The answer could mean fewer wheelchairs in the future of paraplegics. Have Doctors Developed a Treatment for Paralysis? The monkey that was operated on had an injury on its spine that prevented the animal from using one of its legs. This was because the brain’s connection to the leg had been cut off, so doctors decided to fix that connection. They put special electrodes on the monkey’s spine, below the injury. Then they put electrodes on the ape’s brain in the region that controls leg functions. They attached the…
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