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Do You Think This Athlete with Disabilities Will Make it to Tokyo in 2020?

Their baby was only nine-months-old, but the parents of Annie Flood were faced with a difficult choice. Their daughter was born with fibular hemimelia, which meant she had a short femur and her fibula never developed. They could either have that part of the girl’s leg amputated, or they could leave the malformed appendage alone. They chose the amputation, but even without part of her leg, this athlete with disabilities has strived to excel, and now she has set her sights on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games. The Road to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Game Fast forward to this girl’s freshman year of high school, and now she is playing on her high school’s volleyball team. Following in the footsteps of her sisters, and influenced be the athleticism of her football coach father, Flood has embraced volleyball as her sport of choice. For good luck, her team knocks on the…
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Will Oklahoman with Disabilities Win Gold at the Invictus Games?

Every year, the Department of Defense holds an event called the Warrior Games. This paralympic-style sports competition invites wounded and injured servicemembers to participate in a competition to showcase the indominable spirit of the members of our armed forces. It’s an incredible event, so inspiring it caught the attention of Prince Harry who wondered why the rest of the world didn’t have an event like this. In 2014, the prince changed that, and the Invictus Games was born. Now, a Marine veteran from Oklahoma will be representing both our military and the United States of America at this year’s Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada. Why Is Jessica Hammack Competing in the Invictus Games? After joining the Marines, Jessica Hammack suffered a tear in her meniscus. This injury proved more than expected and after two years of searching, she finally found a surgeon willing to attempt a repair. This experience gave…
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Why Are a Father and Son Trekking the Mississippi River?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be an endurance athlete? Well, for many people with a disability, they do not have the ability to find out. Many cannot simply go and enter a marathon, but there is an organization trying to change that. Ainsley’s Angels of America seeks to help people with disabilities experience the thrill of running a marathon, and it’s that inspiration that has lead a father son duo to an incredible adventure along the Mississippi River. Son with a Disability is Trekking the Mississippi River with His Dad As a way to cope with the progressive terminal illness of their daughter Ainsley, the Rossiter family started jogging together in local races in 2008. The activity was so therapeutic that the family kept going and by the time Ainsley passed in 2016, she had completed 100 road races. However, her family didn’t stop going after…
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