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Will the Absence of Guidance Documents Hurt the ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act has been around for almost 30 years, and in that time, it has faced several tests in court. Some of these tests have led to what many have come to know as guidance documents. These documents help interpret the meaning of this law, but a new declaration from the U.S. Justice Department is removing these reference items. Does the ADA Need Guidance Documents? President Trump issued an executive order mandating that federal agencies find regulations that need to be repealed, replaced or modified. Following this mandate, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has identified 25 documents that are to be revoked. Some of these are guidance documents related to the ADA. The Attorney General believes that these documents are “improper or unnecessary” due to changing times, but not everyone agrees. The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities and the Collaboration to Promote Self Determination has released statements of…
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How Do People with Disabilities Find Accessible Housing?

Living with a disability can make common everyday chores difficult, but there are ways to deal with these obstacles. Adaptive tools and furnishings around the house often make difficult living situations accessible. However, finding housing that accommodates people with disabilities can be difficult. This is why knowing where to turn can be a valuable resource. Is There Accessible Housing Available in Oklahoma? In Norman, there is an apartment complex called Cottonwood. Unlike other apartment buildings, this place is special for its attention to the needs of its residents. After teaming up with Thunderbird Clubhouse to help provide housing for people recovering from mental illness, one of the owners of Cottonwood decide to expand its housing for people with physical disabilities. This involved the renovation of seven units to meet the accessibility standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. So now, several residents have accessible features like zero-threshold showers, sink…
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Is the Americans with Disabilities Act Under Attack?

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act changed the way the country looked at civil rights. It was acknowledged that people with disabilities were often disenfranchised and neglected by business establishments and employers. But the ADA made it law that these institutions could no longer neglect individuals who had a tougher time getting around because of a disability. Now, 27 years later, part of this groundbreaking law could be in danger, and activists are doing their best to stop that from happening. Is the Americans with Disabilities Act in Danger? Title III is the section of the ADA that allows people with disabilities to get around and access places that many people take for granted. If a grocery store doesn’t have a ramp, or stalls in a restaurant restroom are too narrow, or the rack at the department store is too high, then people with disabilities cannot utilize these businesses….
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