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Are Plastic Straw Bans a Disability Access Issue?

Our world is in danger. Plastic trash and debris are piling up in our landfills and oceans, killing wildlife and introducing chemicals into the environment. Businesses and local governments are responding to this threat to our future by issuing hardline bans to stop this pollution. However, are they neglecting the needs of people with disabilities at the same time? Do People with Disabilities Need Straws? McDonald’s has banned single-use plastic straws in its British and Irish stores. Starbucks may follow the fast food chain’s example and ban these items at its stores too. The City of Seattle has banned plastic straws and utensils from its city, and now D.C. is looking to do the same thing. These measures are meant to help save the environment, but are they actually endangering people with disabilities? For some people with disabilities, straws have become a staple of everyday life. For people who have…
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Will Uber Ever Be More Accessible for People with Disabilities?

By now, we’ve all heard of Uber. It is the ride hailing app that can summon a driver to your doorstep to take you wherever you need to go. It is a revolutionary transportation advancement that is allowing more people to be mobile than ever before… That is unless you are a person with disabilities. Why Can’t Uber Become More Accessible for People with Disabilities? Uber’s history of limited access for people with disabilities is unfortunately pretty long. In California, the company was sued for denying access and even abusing service animals and their masters. In Chicago, the company was accused of not meeting the city’s requirement that all transport companies must maintain a number of wheelchair accessible vehicles greater than or equal to 5 percent of that company’s fleet. Several other conflicts have given the company a black eye when it comes to disability rights, and the latest case…
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How Is Technology Making the World More Accessible for People with Disabilities?

There are over 56 million people with disabilities in the United States, and many of these people have a lot of difficulty interacting with the world. This lack of accessibility is one of the issues that holds people with disabilities back from living their lives the way they want. Well, your Tulsa disability attorneys have been exploring the issue of accessibility, and we’ve found technology that is expanding accessibility for people all over the world. Technology: Making the World More Accessible You Don’t Need to See to Believe—When most people pull up Facebook, they see a listing of pictures from their friends and family. Sometimes these pictures are clever jokes, sometimes they are heartwarming scenes, but they always mean something special to the people who post them. However, people with visual impairments aren’t able to enjoy these pictures like everyone else. So, Facebook set out to bring the experience of…
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