Survivors Benefits Provide Additional Help for Disabled Widows and Children

Survivors benefits come from a person who passes away and who had worked during his or her lifetime. The more that the deceased person worked, the larger the amount of benefits available for his or her survivors will be. Determining who is entitled to what survivors benefits can be a complicated matter, as survivors benefits involve the intersection of quite a few of the programs that the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) offers. Details on eligibility for survivors benefits are available from a Tulsa SSI lawyer.

As an example of the types of determinations that the SSA makes for survivors benefits, when a worker passes away, the worker’s survivors benefits will go towards his or her widow or children. If the widow is above retirement age, he or she will receive the full amount of the deceased worker’s benefits. If the widow is not yet at retirement age, the amount that the widow receives depends on age and disability. Disabled widows can receive survivors benefits beginning at the age of 50.

If the worker had any children, they will also impact survivors benefits depending on their age and disability status. A widow at any age who is caring for children under the age of 16 can receive 75 percent of the worker’s benefits. Any children of the worker who are under 18 or who are disabled can receive 75 percent.

A special lump sum death benefits is also available to the widow or children of a deceased worker. The payment is current $255 and usually goes towards a surviving spouse who shared a household with the worker. If there is no eligible spouse, a child of the worker may be eligible to receive the benefits if the child meets certain conditions.

Have you received survivors benefits? What advice concerning the process can you provide to others dealing with the loss of a loved one?

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