Students Gain Valuable Insight on Living With Disabilities

According to the Stillwater NewsPress, several high school and college students participated in a summer camp that put them in the position of being disabled, giving them the opportunity to use assistive devices like wheelchairs and walkers.

As part of Oklahoma State University’s Summer Design Day Camp, students used assistive devices to go through the week. “We are raising awareness of people with physical challenges and raising awareness of their needs and helping to solve, in a small way, some of their challenges,” Mihyun Kang, an advisor told the NewsPress.

Students were also asked to help design devices that could assist the disabled. Some of the designs included:  a vibrating bed motor for people with hearing disabilities who have trouble with alarms and gloves with built-in lights to help the visually impaired.

“I’ve actually learned quite a few things the first day of camp,” Yale High School freshman Kara Dodson told the NewsPress. “I didn’t know how it would be if you had a disability like using a wheelchair like we did. It actually changed a lot of my thoughts about people who were disabled and how hard it is for them.”

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