Are More Students With Disabilities Graduating?

Photo of injured man with crutchesThe US Department of Education has revealed the numbers for graduation rates all over the country, and the news seems to be good overall. The nation now has an 82.3 percent graduation rate for all students during the 2013-2014 school year, which is a record high. However, the overall graduation rate isn’t the only reason for celebrating.

Are More Students With Disabilities Graduating?

The graduation rate for students with disabilities has also gone up! The rate of graduation for American students with disabilities was 63.1 percent for the 2013-2014 school year, which is an increase of 1.2 percent. This increase adds to a three-year trend of graduation increases for kids with disabilities. Over the past three years, graduation rates for these students have increased by 4.1 percent, and the Department of Education is eager to acknowledge the success.

“The hard work of teachers, administrators, students and their families has made these gains possible,” US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan explained. “And as a result, many more students will have a better chance of going to college, getting a good job, owning their own home and supporting a family.”

The fact that these opportunities are stretching out to kids with disabilities is heartening, and it proves that we can always push the boundaries of our limits. However, we must have proper access to resources in order to push our boundaries, so it’s important to make sure children with disabilities have every chance to make their dreams come true.

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