Is SSDI Enrollment Really Growing?

In February, we blogged about how Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) enrollment declined for the first time since 1983. Photo of Social Security cards

At the time, the Baltimore Sun reported that the decline was attributed to economic and demographic changes. The newspaper reported that Social Security Administration data showed that the number of beneficiaries fell by half a percent in 2014 to 10.9 million, down 14 percent from a high in 2010.

With this in mind, recently had an interesting story about how the SSDI “crisis” that conservatives have brought up in funding debates may already be over. Keep in mind, experts have estimated that the SSDI program could run out of funds in late 2016, potentially resulting in a 20 percent payment cut to beneficiaries, unless our elected officials do something to alleviate the issue.

Speaking about the liberal approach to funding, the website reported that Social Security advocates believe that “demographic and economic trends that have put the disability fund in jeopardy in late 2016 have passed.” It also had a chart that showed enrollment declines, putting the numbers into graphic perspective. To view the chart, you can click the source link below.

Keep in mind, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities wrote when enrollment numbers were released that “[in] recent months, growth in the number of [SSDI] beneficiaries has slowed to its lowest rate in 25 years.” All of these numbers seem to refute claims that SSDI enrollment has spiraled out of control, which is a common argument for people pushing for cuts to funding.

Helping You Obtain Social Security Benefits

We will continue to keep you posted about SSDI news coming out of Washington when it comes to funding or enrollment issues. If you are interested in applying for disability benefits, you can visit our Social Security FAQ page.

Keep in mind, benefits are for people who are truly unable to work, whose disabilities are expected to last longer than a year or could result in death.

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