How Would SSDI Cuts Affect Americans?

We have been following the ongoing debate over Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) funding since the beginning of the year in an attempt to remind readers how crucial benefits are to recipients. Photo of piggy bank

With this in mind, recently the Daytona Beach News-Journal had an excellent in-depth report about SSDI recipients and how they would be personally affected by any potential cuts. Remember, experts have estimated that the SSDI program could run out of funds in late 2016, potentially resulting in a 20 percent payment cut to beneficiaries, unless alternative funding is enacted.

“I’m a mess,” said 57-year-old Suzanne Traficante, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, to the NewsJournal. “I may look OK, but I’m a mess.” Traficante was diagnosed with MS in 2000, receiving SSDI since 2003 (she says she receives very little or about $12,000 per year). She said a cut in benefits would have an “astronomical” effect on her life.

“The monthly checks she gets help pay for her car insurance and house payments in a household where the only other income is her husband’s $29,000-a-year salary,” the NewsJournal reported.

Another resident the NewsJournal spoke to, William Thomas, has received SSDI since 1980, two years after a car accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Any cut would hurt him tremendously, as he lives on about $1,600 per month. “It would drastically deteriorate my livelihood,” Thomas said about the possibility of losing his benefits, according to the NewsJournal.

I Am Disabled and Need Help Seeking SSDI Benefits

We will continue to keep you posted on any news coming out of Washington about SSDI funding efforts. For information about applying for disability benefits, you can visit our Social Security FAQ page. While some politicians argue that SSDI is an entitlement program, keep in mind, you must have paid into the system and have earned work credits to obtain benefits.

Remember, prior to an SSDI application or appeal, it may prove tremendously beneficial to work with a Social Security attorney. Our firm has been involved in cases where applicants did not fill out paperwork properly, making this process much harder. We could potentially help you with this.

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