Why Are SSDI Benefits Important to Women?

The National Women’s Law Center put out a great fact sheet last month, which details the importance of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) to American females. social security cards

Remember, to qualify for SSDI you must have earned work credits—meaning you must have paid into the Social Security system. This is important to remember, because as the women’s labor force has increased, so too has their dependence on Social Security.

According to the group, decades ago, male SSDI recipients greatly outnumbered females; however, now the numbers are nearly equal.

The group reported that over 4.2 million women received SSDI benefits as of 2012, while nearly 155,000 women received benefits as the spouse of a disabled worker. Additionally, nearly 1.9 million children received SSDI benefits, as the son or daughter of a disabled worker.

SSDI benefits are incredibly important to minorities, as nearly one in four black women and nearly one in five women of color who received a Social Security benefit in 2012, received SSDI.

It should also be noted that the average SSDI benefit for a disabled female worker is $993 per month—this is much less than the average male benefit, which is $1,256 per month.

To read the National Women’s Law Center fact sheet, you can click the source link at the bottom of this post.

How Can I Obtain Social Security Benefits?

For information about applying for SSDI benefits, you can visit our Social Security FAQ page. Again, these numbers show the importance of the program for women, who are overwhelmingly beginning to rely on benefits as more have begun to qualify.

If you are thinking about applying for SSDI, call us today so that we can review your case. Remember, you must show that your disability is not expected to improve over time.

Look out for our blog on Friday, which will address one of the most devastating diseases facing American women—breast cancer. We will discuss SSDI qualifications when it comes to a diagnosis.

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Source: http://www.nwlc.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/social_security_disability_insurance_is_vital_to_women.pdf

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