Why Did the SSA Take Away an Epileptic Woman’s SSDI Benefits?

She used to hold down a full-time factory job before the seizures became too much to handle. Her epileptic condition became uncontrollable, and so this woman from Knoxville, Tennessee was forced to give up her job and claim Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). That was six years ago, and now she lives on her benefits with the help of her sister and her mother. However, something has come up that threatens to change everything and lock her out of the benefits she needs to get by.

Why Is an Epileptic Woman Being Denied Her SSDI Benefits?

About a year ago, this Knoxville woman’s doctor decided to put her on a new regimen of medications, and the results were miraculous. Since going on the medications, she has been seizure-free. This has allowed her to live a life more normal that she ever thought possible, but it has also caused her a bit of a problem.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has cancelled her SSDI benefits and Medicare insurance. The administration claims that her condition has improved enough for her to work, but she and her family says that’s not what has happened. This woman and her family claim that the only reason she has not had a seizure is because of the medication that she gets through the benefits of having Medicare. Without those benefits, she won’t be able to afford the medication, and then her seizures will begin again. She has filed an appeal to keep this from happening.

Right now, her case is being reviewed by the SSA, but these appeals can take a long time and the clock is ticking on how long her current benefits will last. Do you think the SSA should reinstate her benefits? If her benefits are not reestablished, will she be forced to apply for SSDI all over again when her medication runs out? Voice your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and don’t forget to keep following our Tulsa disability attorneys on this blog.


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