How Are You Spreading Awareness This National Diversity Awareness Month?

This month is National Diversity Awareness Month, and in the spirit of spreading knowledge we want to talk to you about a group of people often overlooked by our society. We are talking about people with disabilities, and before you assume you know everything on this subject, you might want to read these facts that you might not have been aware of.

Are You Aware of People with Disabilities?

There are over 56 million people with disabilities living in the United States. That might not come as a surprise to you, but that means that one in every five people in America have a disability? So why doesn’t America have more accommodations for our neighbors and family members who have a disability?

Here in Tulsa, we have accessible public transportation, but it’s first come, first serve scheduling practices leave many people without a ride. The windows in which this service operates can also leave some people waiting hours for a ride. In some cities, Uber and Lyft has been used to help relieve the transportation issues that people with disabilities often face. But these rideshare services often don’t have enough drivers who are willing to sign up for the certifications they need to help.

Another issue can be income. Federal benefits for people with disabilities averages out to around $1,166.41 a month. However, here in Oklahoma, that average is far lower. According to Lori Long of Tulsa World, the average government benefit for Oklahomans with disabilities is $689 or around $740 with state benefits. This is due to the fact that Oklahoma legislators cut disability programs whenever there is a budget shortfall, and they refuse to participate in federal programs that could expand benefits for Oklahomans who need it.

There are plenty of other facts you may not have known about the lives of people with disabilities, but if you stick around, our Tulsa disability attorneys will be sure to keep you informed. So visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to help spread awareness of these issues, and don’t forget to vote if you think things need to change.


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