Social Security’s Webinar Discusses Disability Benefits for Young Workers

According to the Social Security Administration, a recently webinar hosted by the agency introduced what Social Security is doing for young workers under 30, and where their 4.2 percent of payroll tax will do in 2011. The agency outlined the following benefits for young Americans currently earning paychecks.

Social Security Disability Insurance

SSDI is a program available to individuals who have become injured or developed a medical condition that renders them unable to return to work. SSDI is based on an applicant’s work history and payments may be available after 6 months. According to a Social Security public affairs specialist, 3 in 10 of today’s 20 year old’s will become disabled before age 67. In case this would happen, SSDI would pay monthly benefits to workers and their families.

Survivors’ Insurance

Many young Americans are starting families. Should they die and leave behind children under the age of 18, their children may qualify for monthly benefit payments. The same survivor’s benefits may be available to spouses and are based on certain annual limits. According to the Social Security Administration, 1 in 7 individuals currently age 20 will die before age 67.

During the webinar, many 20-something workers expressed concerns about Social Security’s current budget and estimated payment resources until the end of 2037. After that, without sufficient changes made to the program, there will only be enough surplus to pay 75 percent of scheduled benefits. According to the Social Security public affairs specialist who hosted the seminar, the program will continue to receive payroll taxes from millions and millions of Americans in the work force and will not be broke.

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