Social Security: What is the Ticket to Work Program?

Are you a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipient who has thought about returning to work? Photo of Social Security cards

There are some things you should know prior to making the decision to seek employment. First, the federal government offers a program called the Ticket to Work, which allows people collecting Social Security benefits who have a desire to look for work to do so, if they qualify.

The program is open to people with disabilities, ages 18 through 64, who collect benefits, putting them in contact with Employment Networks (ENs), which offer specialized services, such as career counseling, vocational rehabilitation and job placement and training.

Anyone interested in this program should call the Ticket to Work Help Line at 1-866-968-7842. If you decide to utilize the program, you can continue to receive Social Security benefits until you begin earning wages or self-employment income above the applicable earnings limit for SSI or SSDI.

If you receive income from an employer below your benefit levels, then your benefit program (SSI or SSDI) will make up the deficiency.

This program is very useful for people who may want to return to work. However, you should know that if you obtain employment outside of the program, it might affect your ability to receive benefits.

Am I Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

Remember, to collect SSDI, you must show that your disabilities leave you unable to work. Additionally, you must show that your disabilities are expected to last for longer than a year. If you have the ability to work, outside of the Ticket to Work program, you technically should not continue to collect benefits.

For more information about the disability process, you can visit our Social Security FAQ page. If you suffer from a disability and you have an interest in qualifying for SSDI benefits, you should speak to our attorneys.

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