Social Security Taking Input to Improve Disabled Access

The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) periodically holds public forums at which it takes comments regarding certain aspects of what it does. Past forums have led to additions to the SSA’s Compassionate Allowances list (a listing of maladies that the SSA fast tracks for granting disability benefits) and to changes that improve access for disability applicants.

The SSA is currently in the midst of holding forums on its implementation of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 504 concerns making access readily available to individuals with disabilities. If you are a disabled American, you should not face any additional burdens that other applicants do not have when you apply for disability benefits or, indeed, when you interact with the SSA in any fashion whatsoever. If you have faced any particular difficulties in dealing with the disability benefits process as a result of your disability, we welcome your comments below and urge you to consider providing you suggestions to the SSA.

Both of the forums on this matter are taking place in the Washington, DC area. One took place last month, and another is coming up this week. Pre-registration is required. Individuals may comment for up to five minutes. Those unable to attend in person are able to comment via telephone or written means. The SSA provides information on its website for those interested in submitting comments by alternate means. Submissions by internet, fax or mail must meet an October 31 deadline.

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