Social Security Reforms May Make Qualifying More Difficult

Social Security disability benefits have been the target of Congressmen and media outlets after reports of judges like Judge Daugherty in West Virginia who appeared to be merely rubber-stamping applications. With government funds running dry and people requesting more and more aid, the system is growing increasingly tenuous. Needed reforms are likely just around the corner. A Tulsa Social Security disability attorney can provide guidance on interpreting the changes.

Reformers often target the precise definitions of disabilities that qualify for Social Security disability insurance. Definitions vary from location to location depending on the federal appeals court that an applicant falls under. Each appeals court decides matters its own way, resulting in one disability qualifying for benefits in one location versus that same disability not qualifying somewhere else. Also making benefits qualification difficult is the fact that how the SSA classifies a disorder may differ from how the medical community does

One area that applicants often require the assistance of a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer with is mood and affective disorders. Such disorders may not manifest themselves as plainly as other disabilities, and include afflictions like manic-depression or bipolar disorder, various types of depression or mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. Because these conditions are not visible on x-rays or lab work, successfully submitting a claim for Social Security benefits based on them can be an uphill battle.

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