Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits May Be Subject to Review

According to the National Ledger, Social Security disability benefits are available to individuals who meet the disability criteria set by the Social Security Administration. Social Security Disability Insurance is not a welfare program. Individuals earn their SSDI benefits by working and contributing to the Social Security fund through their payroll taxes.

Also, when a disability claim is approved, it is automatically set up for recurring reviews. Disability benefits are not permanent and are subject to reviews depending on the severity of the disability. For example, if a claimant has an impairment that has a high likelihood of recovery, the SSA will most likely schedule a review within a year or two of the date the claim was approved. Other claims may be scheduled for a review every three years, depending on the disability. Even cases involving the most severe disability, such as those with little or no chance of improvement, are subject to reviews every seven years.

Social Security Disability Insurance is a federally mandated program overseen by the Social Security Administration. The program operates differently from retirement or Supplemental Security Income. In order to qualify, a claimant must have worked and paid into the program through payroll taxes, and must have met the SSA’s definition of disabled before reaching full retirement age.

The program also has no requirements for how long a claimant must wait before applying. If you have a disability that is severe or permanent and that will keep you from working for 12 months or longer, you can apply immediately for Social Security disability benefits upon stopping work.

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