Social Security Disability Benefits for Those with Hepatitis C

The Digestive System Medical Listing 5.05 category lists Hepatitis C as a chronic liver disease. Hepatitis C is a disease with severe symptoms that affects daily functions. The physical symptoms of this disease include abdominal pain, lower back pain, jaundice and chronic fatigue syndrome. An individual’s symptoms may prevent them from every day activities and even work, forcing them to apply for social security disability benefits.

Documentation is important when it comes to obtaining disability benefits for individuals with Hepatitis C. If you suffer from this disease, start documenting gradual decline that will assist your medical professional in demonstrating your disability. Keep a daily track of symptoms, severity and how they are affecting every day functions from driving, exercising to taking care of yourself every day.

The Social Security Administration office will be evaluating your impairments and determine if any of these issues keep you from performing your job duties. Is Hepatitis C starting to affect your vision, hearing or seeing? The SSA evaluates if you are able to remember and follow simple instructions, and if you are able to respond appropriately to supervision or co-workers in a work situation.

While this is not a complete list of requirements for qualification, it should give you a good idea to write down everything and bring as much documentation to your interview as possible. The SSA will determine if you are capable of working, even if you are ill. Hepatitis C may be debilitating but lack documentation will stall the decision to grant you benefits. Walking, driving, bending, kneeling, hearing and ability to stand will disqualify you from receiving Social Security disability benefits.

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