Social Security Commissioner Warns Budget Cuts Will Hurt Americans

According to ABC News, the Social Security Commissioner is warning that looming government budget cuts may hurt Americans. Specifically, elderly Americans may suffer considerably under proposed Social Security Administration cuts outlined in the House Republicans’ continuing resolution.

The House GOP budget proposal would fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year but removes $125 million from the Social Security Administration’s current fun levels and $500 million from the reserve fund. The SSA would lose 3,500 employees, affecting the quantity and quality of services provided to disabled Americans and those applying for new SS disability benefits.

The SSA Commissioner Michael J. Astrue testified in Washington that proposed cuts would mean the agency would be unable to provide quality services to Americans because it will not have the necessary support or manpower to move forward.

House Democrats agree with Astrue, stating that cutting Social Security’s budget would hurt the most vulnerable citizens who depend on their Social Security benefits.
Republicans argue that making changes to Social Security is necessary to protect future generations from losing out on benefits. Also, GOP leaders feel that the current Social Security Disability structure hinders people from working and finding employment, and that a further push is needed to fight fraudulent claims. Republicans feel that the current system has no limit on how long a person may receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, which results in workers never seeking gainful employment.

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