Social Security Benefit Denial is Difficult to Handle for Some Claimants

Losing Social Security disability benefits can be devastating on an American family. Receiving a decision from a judge to take away benefits and monthly payments is difficult news to process. There are ways to appeal and fight to receive benefits; unfortunately, some claimants choose to fight in a different way.

Latonya Kemp, a Shreveport woman, did not take news of an administrative judge ruling against her too well. Judge Larry Butler received threatening voice mails to both work and home. A criminal complaint was filed against Kemp alleging harassing messages, physical threats included.

A co-worker of Butler has received a voice mail mentioning a “date with death,” according to the complaint.

None of the alleged threats were carried out as Kemp was quickly placed under arrest.

According to reports, both judges and Social Security employees face threats and aggressive claimants, and these actions are becoming an increasing problem. In the last six-month reporting period, there were 50 reports of violent threats against judges and Social Security offices.

While no one wants to receive news of a Social Security benefit denial, there are legitimate ways to fight the decision and win. Threatening or harassing SSA employees should not be a way to fight for benefits deserved.


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