Social Security Asks for Public’s Help for Ways to Improve

Earlier in the year, President Obama called for a government-wide review of regulations in order to eliminate those that are unnecessary or out-of-date. In response, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) issued a press release requesting comments from the public regarding regulations that it thought were unnecessary in the Social Security process. Help navigating the Social Security process is available from a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer.

The SSA reviewed the comments it received and put together a preliminary plan for revising its regulations with regard to impairments that the SSA considers as qualifying to receive monthly disability benefits, from either Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) or Supplementary Security Income (“SSI”). The SSA is again asking for comments on this preliminary plan. The plan is available for viewing on the SSA’s open government website.

To update the medical listings that would qualify to receive SS disability benefits, the SSA plans to receive public input and advice from the Institute of Medicine based on a review of the medical and academic literature. It also plans to review the changes it implements one year after they become effective to determine what effect they had.

In 2011, some of the medical areas that the SSA plans to review include: respiratory, hematological, neurological, skin disorders and digestive system disorders. A Tulsa Social Security disability attorney can help Social Security applicants understand forthcoming rule changes.

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